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Game Rules

Description of the general rules of the animal game

You can bet from cents to thousands of reais, and in different types of games. Your winnings will be proportional to the money you invested and the style of bet you chose. Each type of bet obeys fixed proportions, according to the probability of hitting.

  1. Thousand - R$: 4,000
  2. Hundred - R$: 600
  3. Ten - R$: 60
  4. Dozen of three - R$: 3,000
  5. Two of ten - R$: 300
  6. Three of group 1/5 - R$: 130
  7. Pair of group 1/5 - R$: 19
  8. Group - R$: 18
  9. Pass - R$: 75


There are 5 daily draws, from Monday to Sunday in the Animal Game. In each of them, 5 numbers of 4 digits each, or 'prizes', are drawn.

  1. 7209 – Donkey (group 03)
  2. 2259 – Alligator (group 15)
  3. 5168 – Monkey (group 17)
  4. 5397 – Cow (group 25)
  5. 1453 – Cat (group 14)

The obtaining of these numbers is detailed


Simple Bets

These are related to the first prize. For this, you have to choose a Group, or a Ten, or a Hundred or a Thousand


Unlike bets on the Head, the Surrounded ones increase the chances of hitting for the other six prizes, and not only for the first.


You play with 2 groups/tens, appearing among the first five prizes.


You play with 3 groups/tens, appearing among the first 5 prizes.


You play with 2 groups/tens, appearing among the first five prizes.

Pass Goes

You bet on two animals, and choose which one should come in the first position. If this animal actually comes out in the first position and the other animal, in any position between the second and the fifth prize, you win.

Pass Goes Comes

You bet on two animals and win the value of your bet when either of them comes in the first prize, and the other in one of the other four prizes.