Responsible Gaming always recommends responsible gambling as part of its policy of social responsibility and care for its customers. Playing is not only fun and there is also a serious risk of gambling addiction. It is the responsibility of the players to ensure that they enjoy playing at while being fully aware of the financial and psychological risks associated with gambling.


Playing should always be considered as a mere diversion and not as a means to obtain a stable source of income. Many people are able to consider gambling as a simple entertainment and only gamble with amounts of money they can afford to risk. But there are other people for whom gambling can be a problem. We offer the following options to our players in order to prevent them from developing a gambling addiction:

Self-exclusion/limitation of the session

You can always exclude yourself or limit how much time you can spend playing. It is up to you to set your own daily, weekly or monthly limits or define other restrictions. When the time limit you have chosen passes, you will not be able to access until that time limit is reset.

You can opt out in the AUTOCONTROL section of your profile. If you want to close your account permanently or have problems playing, please contact If you have any questions, please contact our support team via our live online chat or email The team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Playing for minors

It is illegal to create a gaming account or play on for anyone under 18. Lotodobicho takes gambling by minors very seriously. We carry out age checks in all cases where payment methods are available for children under 18. We reserve the right to request identification or other documents from any customer and may suspend your account until such verification is completed.

Please note that if we discover that a child under the age of 18 is using the site, we will block any money earned on the site and inform the appropriate authorities.

Parental Control Systems

Such systems allow parents to regulate and limit Internet access, according to certain criteria. Parents may use filters to prevent their children from accessing gaming or other websites. If a minor or someone who has requested to opt-out of gaming websites can access your computer to register or gamble at our site, please consider using parental filtering solutions such as or

Aid organizations

If you need to talk to someone about any aspect of your gaming habits that concerns you, recommends that you contact one of these organizations: