Affiliate program

We are currently developing an affiliate system with which you can get up to 20% commissions.

Our affiliate program will have two Affiliate profiles depending on the marketing plan with which you want to develop your experience.

Digital Affiliate

The Digital Affiliate line is focused on any user with skills in the world of digital marketing and includes:

  1. Webmaster: All those users who have a website and focus their content and part of it to Jogo do Bicho.
  2. Social Influencer: You have a channel on a social network and create related content and refer your users. Among these social networks we have:
    1. Facebook: Pages or groups.
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. Youtube
    5. Twitch

Business affiliate

The business affiliate line is focused on those users who either through their own business or freely, want to sell lottery tickets to the final consumer. A system very similar to traditional street sales but with a system that allows you to manage it with minimal effort.

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