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Jogo do bicho online

Com Lotodobicho você pode colocar e gerenciar todas as suas apostas do Jogo do Bicho a partir de seu telefone celular, tablet ou computador.

O aplicativo para apostar o Jogo do Bicho online nº1 do Brasil

100% de bônus em seu primeiro depósito!

jogar jogo do bicho online


At lotodobicho.com you can bet at any time of the day, every day of the week and from wherever you want.

animais do jogo do bicho


We have 25 animais, and each of them represents four numbers from 0 to 99. Click here to see all of them.



The draws follow the tradition of Rio de Janeiro, maintaining their schedules as well as the nomenclatures (PTM, PT, PTV, PTN, COR) for each of them.

aplicativo do jogo do bicho


Install the lotodobicho application from your mobile browser, tablet or desktop computer to your desktop computer.

Resultado do jogo do bicho

Resultado do jogo do bicho

You will be able to follow in real time the publication of the results once each draw has taken place.

banca do bicho

Online bank

Both your deposits and your winnings will be held and available by our bank so that you only have to worry about hitting your favourite animals.


Playing Group


Dozen of the game


Hundredth of the game


Thousand of the game


Pair of groups


Pair of Dozens


Trio of Groups


Trio of Dozens


Group Passes


To bet in Playing Group just choose an animal.


Betting in Dozen of the game, you choose only a dozen between 00 and 99


Betting the hundred, you have the option to choose up to 1000 hundreds (000 to 999)


Hitting the Thousand isn't so easy. There are 10,000 number options to choose from (0000 to 9999)


You choose two groups (animals) and you win if at least one number of each group appears in the top five prizes. That is, out of 5 animals, you have to hit 2.


Just like in Dozens, you can choose two dozen and hope they come out in 2 of the 5 awards


Betting in Trio of Groups in the Animal Game is very similar to the Pair of Groups. The difference is that you will choose 3 groups instead of 2;


The mechanics of Trio of Dozens in the Animal Game is similar to the Pair of Dozens, only in this case you will choose 3 tens instead of 2


To Bet the Group Passes option, you must choose two groups of animals, between 01 and 25. There are two options to bet and win: Go Pass (GP) and Come Pass (GCP). In the Go Pass you must choose the group of the animal that will give the 1st prize. The other group can be in any of the other 4 prizes.

aplicativo lotodobicho

Bet online wherever and whenever you want

Install the lotodobicho application from your mobile browser, tablet or desktop computer to your desktop computer.

Não importa onde esteja, leve consigo o melhor jogo de apostas ao vivo do bicho e aceda aos resultados tanto dos sorteios como das suas apostas em tempo real. No lotodobicho oferecemos as melhores probabilidades para cada um dos modos de jogo disponíveis.Wherever you are, get the best Jogo do Bicho and access the results of both the draws and your bets in real time. At lotodobicho we offer the best odds for each of the available game modes.

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Responsible Gaming

As the world's most innovative and secure gaming platform, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our users play responsibly

Best rates

At Lotodobicho we offer the best rates for each of the available game modes. 18 types of bets allow you to win from 2.5 of the extended play group to 4000 of thousands of single game.

Payment and data security

We are fully committed to protecting your personal data and take the security of your information very seriously.

We accept a huge variety of current payment methods and protect all money transfers and personal data with VeriSign® encryption technology, an extremely reliable security system and an internationally accredited clearing partner. In addition, VeriSign® guarantees that your payment system is available at least 99.5% of the time. So that when we pay your winnings, they will be available to you as soon as possible. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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