Types of bets

In this section we will describe the types of bets available on the the Game Rules section, the possibilities are detailed within each type, and according to them, the amount won for each option.

Playing Group

To bet in Playing Group just choose an animal.

Simple : 1 ganha 18

Fenced : 1 ganha 3.6

Fenced extended : 1 ganha 2.25

Dozen of the game

Betting in Dozen of the game, you choose only a dozen between 00 and 99

Simple : 1 ganha 60

Fenced : 1 ganha 12

Fenced extended : 1 ganha 7.5

Hundredth of the game

Betting the hundred, you have the option to choose up to 1000 hundreds (000 to 999)

Simple : 1 ganha 600

Fenced : 1 ganha 120

Fenced extended : 1 ganha 85.71

Thousand of the game

Hitting the Thousand isn't so easy. There are 10,000 number options to choose from (0000 to 9999)

Simple : 1 ganha 4000

Fenced : 1 ganha 800

Fenced extended : 1 ganha 666.67

Pair of groups

You choose two groups (animals) and you win if at least one number of each group appears in the top five prizes. That is, out of 5 animals, you have to hit 2.

Duke : 1 ganha 18.75

Pair of Dozens

Just like in Dozens, you can choose two dozen and hope they come out in 2 of the 5 awards

Duke : 1 ganha 300

Trio of Groups

Betting in Trio of Groups in the Animal Game is very similar to the Pair of Groups. The difference is that you will choose 3 groups instead of 2;

Ternary : 1 ganha 130

Trio of Dozens

The mechanics of Trio of Dozens in the Animal Game is similar to the Pair of Dozens, only in this case you will choose 3 tens instead of 2

Ternary : 1 ganha 3000

Group Passes

To Bet the Group Passes option, you must choose two groups of animals, between 01 and 25. There are two options to bet and win: Go Pass (GP) and Come Pass (GCP). In the Go Pass you must choose the group of the animal that will give the 1st prize. The other group can be in any of the other 4 prizes.

Pass forward : 1 ganha 80

Pass forward backward : 1 ganha 40

Thousand of the game

Thousand inverted is based on thousand of play. You just play all possible combinations of the 4 digits that make up the chosen number. For example '1234' generates 24 different thousands.

Simple : 1 ganha 4000

Fenced : 1 ganha 800

Fenced extended : 1 ganha 666.67